Air Care’s twin-engine Airbus Helicopter EC145e can facilitate transport for critical patients. It can carry up to four medical crew members safely and reliably. Its advanced design delivers an essential combination of capabilities required for its air medical missions. It operates with high performance and exceptional maneuverability with a standard fuel range approaching 436 statute miles.

The EC145e is capable of a maximum indicated airspeed of 153 miles per hour. It has a maximum gross weight capacity of 7903 pounds. It is capable of attaining a maximum altitude of 18000 feet however, Air Care’s average flight remains between 1500 and 2000 feet above the ground adhering to strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) weather minimums and clearances.

Aviation Crew:

Aviation flight crew members conform to the highest standards of qualifications in aviation expertise. Air Care helicopter pilots are veterans of the demanding air medical environment. Air Care pilots average over 3000 hours of helicopter flight experience and are experienced under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Air Care captains complete the mission with strict adherence to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations Part 135 and the high standards of Metro Aviation, our partner in EMS Aviation transportation. Metro Aviation's Air Carrier Certificate mandates strict guidelines for all aviation personal within their company and is one of the leading helicopter providers in this industry.

In accordance with both the FAA regulations and Metro Aviation Operations Manual, the pilot in command holds final authority and responsibility for decisions or actions. These include final selection and acceptance of the landing zone, continuing or canceling any mission due to weather, loading of equipment, patient’s, medical supplies, or anything directly related to the safe operations of the helicopter.