Air Care's Communication Center is the nerve center for Air Care operations and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The "Comm" center is dedicated to the mission of expedient and safe patient transport. The Air Medical Communication Specialists (ACS) receive transport requests and are tasked with coordinating each mission in a timely fashion. Each ACS manages multiple phone calls and radio transmissions to maintain a constant communication link between the flight crew, emergency personnel on the scene, and medical teams at referring and receiving hospitals. Location of scene calls are identified by the ACS and the coordinates are relayed to the pilot in route saving precious minutes. ACS personnel use sophisticated software with GPS input to track Air Care's position.

In addition, Air Care Communications is the medical command or "MEDCOM" center for Kalamazoo County, relaying EMS alerts and consult requests to Ascension Borgess Hospital and Bronson Methodist Hospital staff. Our ACS staff also manage Emergency Medical (EM) Systems for Michigan's Fifth District.

Our Air Medical Communication Specialists have more than 100 years of experience, including previous involvement in hospital operations, EMS transport, police authority, firefighting, and military operations.