Safety Corner: Help Us Get There Safely

When the Weather's Too Bad for a Scene Landing, Know Your Airport Options.

It may not look like flying weather, but call West Michigan Air Care to find out if we can rendezvous with your patient at a nearby airport. Air Care can often fly safely under instrument flight rules (IFR) to an airport, even if we can't land at your scene due to weather (see "Soaring Through the Clouds ..." September 2010 AirWaves, at  

Communication is the Key to a Safe Landing Zone.

Landing Zone (LZ) Coordinators must make contact with West Michigan Air Care prior to landing to describe the LZ and any hazards nearby. Here are 3 ways to help you plan for effective communications at a landing zone with Air Care:

  1. Call Air Care to confirm the frequency to be used.
  2. Make sure first responders have radios available at the scene.
  3. Test your radios daily and train crews to use them.

To arrange a Landing Zone class for your department go to and click on "Event Request".  Air Care will contact you to confirm arrangements. Thanks for helping us get there safely all these years.   

By Shawn Maxwell, Pilot
Safety Manager, West Michigan Air Care

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