Safety Corner: Landing Zone Safety Points

When Air Care flies to your scene or helipad, remember these key safety points:

  • Do not approach the aircraft until the blades have completely stopped.  Approach only from the front.  
  • Prevent traffic from entering the landing zone (LZ) at any time during aircraft descent, ground time, and departure.
  • “Wave off” Air Care before landing if a hazard is suddenly identified.
  • Warning: rotor wash generates high winds! Secure loose objects like hats, tarps, and construction materials so they won’t strike bystanders or blow into rotor blades. Wear eye protection.
  • To prevent injury and damage to vehicles, keep ambulance doors and all vehicle doors closed until Air Care shuts down.
  • Stay vigilant until Air Care departs the scene!

Thanks for keeping a close eye on our safety and yours. Remember to ensure the LZ is selected in accordance with Air Care guidelines, found on the inside cover of our 2011 calendar and at our website. To arrange an LZ class contact us.

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